We’re baaack!!! Kind of scary, huh?  A huge thanks to everyone who filled in so we could take a short break after the mission trip. We are so excited to be in Madison full-time!  

Change is coming. Why change everything?  Why change the look, the feel, the name, the mission...well...everything really?

From the beginning, we wanted to ensure that this church survived.  Mission accomplished.  Most new church starts never make it past the first year or so, so Madison has been successful in its primary mission…survival. 

Now it's time to change focus, to move from survive to thrive.  This means we must change the way we are.  The results we achieved early on were exactly what we were structured to achieve.  But when the focus changes, our church must change to achieve it.  

This means changing the name to Heritage in order to identify with our community; this means changing our stated mission so that it is the good news that speaks to our neighbors; this means changing the look and feel of our building so that it reflects our mission; this means listening together to hear God’s vision for Heritage, and this means upgrading our furnishings, decor and children's areas because first impressions matter.

In fact, this Sunday you will see our church is in the midst of change.  It will be messy, incomplete, and somewhat disconcerting, but we have to change if we're going to build a Heritage for our community. 

Our vision team has some big dreams, but our God has even bigger ones! 

There is a place here for all of us here. Email us to ask how you can help bring new life to Heritage Church!  Frankly, we need each other more now than ever. 

Looking forward to Summer Blockbusters and just being with you Sunday. Bring a friend! Someone in your life needs an invite! 

See you soon. 

Love and prayers, 

Michael and Suzanne