At Heritage Church we believe in passing on the good things we have been given in this life. We strive to be generous with our love, our time, and even our financial resources.  We realize others are less fortunate than we are. Children are hungry, people are without jobs, or are homeless, mental illness is rampant, relationships are in peril, and we are called to do something about it. We give because we want to see God's mission move forward, we want to see lives changed, we yearn to see transformation, and we want to see love lived out. We realize giving of our resources is part of what we are called to do: pass it on.

We provide three ways for you to give to the mission Heritage performs in our community:  

1.  Give in the bucket at the worship service.  2. Text amount to 84321.   3. Give online by clicking the give button below.

All online giving is processed through our secure online service.  Thank you for your faithful support!

Grow One Step

Giving proportionately is an integral part of our faith.  God has called his people to this form of giving, specifically the tithe (10% of our earnings), all throughout the scriptures.  Besides funding the work of God's people, it teaches us generosity, resource management, and helps us realize that every blessing comes from above.

We realize not everyone is in a financial situation to tithe immediately, but we all can do something, and we all can grow in this area.  We encourage our members to "Grow One Step": to grow one percent every year in their financial faithfulness.

Click below to see our "Grow One Step" chart and start growing today!